Best Backpacks Brands in India for 2021

Are you finding difficulty in trying to find the best backpack for travel? Here is the pick for the best backpacking packs which can be best for everyone.

Backpacks are used by everyone, and they have become an integral part of our day to day life. Starting from students to businesses persons, travelers to trekkers, a reliable backpack is essential. It carries most belongings throughout the day when you go out. Today, we are going to list down the best backpacks and their brands which are dominating the market.

If we talk about the Indian market, there are plenty of popular brands available who have a huge range of different types of backpacks. The popular brands use high-quality materials which make the backpacks last for years. You can find out all kinds of backpacks according to your profession in various e-Commerce markets in India.

New generation backpacks come with different compartments for storing things. You can store your laptop, books, clothes and other cosmetic items easily inside the compartments and the pockets. Backpacks also come with bottle mesh holder. Best backpack brands have lightweight and durable backpacks for office people, students, travelers and all the professionals who are looking for a heavy-duty backpack.

If you find it difficult choosing the suitable backpack for you, following the list of the market’s best backpacks and brands help you to pick the right one. The list includes market’s best-selling Backpacks from top brands.

Best Backpacks & Brands in India

  1. Skybags

Skybags is one of the most popular backpack brands in India with a huge range of backpacks for students, travelers, business people, etc. Skybags has new generation backpacks which come with plenty of compartments, front pocket, bottle holder and what not? The company has all types of backpacks for men and women, backpacks for laptops, waterproof backpacks, etc. You can find out the most suitable Skybags at an affordable price tag from Skybags’ range

Skybags Lunar 30 Ltrs Olive Laptop Backpack 

Skybags Lunar Olive Laptop Backpack is the most selling backpack on the market which is designed with high-quality material. It offers a premium design which looks stunning. The Olive color backpack has leather like finish which looks extra-rich. It is designed with Polyester material which provides excellent durability. The backpack is ideal for Men and has 30 Ltrs of capacity.

The Lunar Backpack from Skybags has sleeves with a rain cover which protects the bag from the rain. The backpack has three individual compartments. Being a new generation backpack, it is 100% waterproof. You can carry it in any season if you are fond of traveling.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A new generation backpack, 100% waterproof with a premium design – Skybags Lunar 30 Ltrs Olive Laptop Backpack

Moreover, this backpack has additional features which are essential for the new generation of people. It comes with an Ear Phone port which holds your earphone well. All the chains of the bag have Keychains with Skybags branding. The straps are designed with durable material, and they can compress as per your requirements. The washable material of the bag allows you to wash it thoroughly when it gets dirty. So you don’t need to worry about the bag condition after its wash.

If you are looking for an ideal office backpack which can hold your Laptop, this Lunar Olive backpack from Skybags is the perfect option available for you. The laptop compartment has a cushion separated compartment with soft material. It protects your laptop’s screen.


  • Designed with heavy-duty material
  • Three individual compartments
  • Cushion separated compartment for a laptop.
  • Built-in Ear Phone Port
  • Key Chain Holder
  • Reflecting strips
  • Value for money product


  • Not affordable for everyone

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  1. American Tourister

American Tourister has been providing a huge range of backpacks for all the professionals and adventure-enthusiasts. The brand offers different types of suitcases, backpacks, and wallets. If we talk about the Indian market, the company is doing well in the market with their backpacks for students and other professionals.

American Tourister 27 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack

American Tourister 27 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack is currently on the top list of the best-selling backpacks from the company. This backpack is suitable for both, men and women. It comes with 27 Ltrs of capacity so you can carry almost anything inside the bag. It is designed with high-quality Polyester material which is quite durable.

This backpack has a total of three compartments so you can use them appropriately as per your requirements. You can store your clothes, laptop, cosmetics and other items inside the bag comfortably. It provides extra protection to your laptop and other fragile things.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
One of the best-selling backpacks designed with high-quality Polyester material – American Tourister 27 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack

Additionally, the backpack has a front pocket padded straps which hold your mobile phone and other accessories. The straps can be adjusted as per your requirements. They are designed to offer maximum comfort while wearing it. The backpack comes with two bottle holders so you can keep two bottles of water and cold-drink while on a vacation trip.

Moreover, the handles of the backpack are designed with a soft material which doesn’t stress on your shoulders. The interior of the backpack looks just fantastic with a design.


  • New generation design
  • Three compartments
  • 27 Ltrs capacity
  • 2 Bottle holders
  • Light in weight


  • Not 100% water resistant
  • No any rain cover
  • Not ideal for daily use

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  1. Adidas Backpacks

Adidas offers high-quality backpacks designed with durable materials. The brand offers a variety of backpacks for students, business people, and other professionals. You can find out the most suitable one as per your requirements from the range of backpacks from the Adidas Backpacks.

Adidas Black And White Casual Backpack

Adidas’ Black and White Casual Backpack has an attractive design which is suitable for all types of professionals. The backpack has a laptop compartment which lets you store your laptop. The compartment is designed with a soft material which adds extra protection to your Laptop screen and other parts. This backpack is an ideal one for both, men and women.

This backpack is designed with a high-quality Polyester material. This backpack has only one compartment, so it is not suitable for the people who travel a lot. This backpack is designed for the students and office people who can store a few books and laptop inside the back.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A high-quality backpack designed with durable materials – Adidas Black And White Casual Backpack

The straps of the backpack are designed to protect your shoulders if you carry heavy weight inside the back. It has pockets at both the sides, right and left. You can carry cosmetics and other mobile accessories in the side pockets. If you are looking for a new backpack for your teenage boy or girl, this one’s suits perfectly. Moreover, the company is also offering 30-days return policy on this product. If you don’t like the quality and the backpack, you can return it to the seller.


  • Durable material
  • Pockets at both the sides
  • 23 Ltrs of capacity
  • Comfortable straps with support to shoulders and lower back


  • Minimal design
  • Only 1 Compartment
  • Not fully water resistant

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  1. Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack is a known brand in the Indian market which was launched in the year 1998. The company was launched as a sub-brand of Titan Watches. Initially, the company was selling only Watches under this branding. Recently, the brand has expanded their product ranges and now offering bags, wallets, belts, sunglasses and many other fashion accessories for the Youth of India. The company is expanding its territory to more markets. The company is doing good business through India’s top e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal and Jabong.

Fastrack 24 Ltrs Black and Green Casual Backpack

Fastrack’s new Black and Green Casual Backpack is one of the most beautiful heavy-duty backpacks available in the market. This backpack comes with 24 Ltrs of capacity which stores everything. It is designed with 300 Denier Polyester material which offers more durability. It’s a very well-designed backpack for the college students.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A well-designed backpack with attractive black and green design – Fastrack 24 Ltrs Black and Green Casual Backpack

Being a new generation backpack, this Casual Backpack from Fastrack has vibrant colors, I.e., black and green which looks pretty decent and attractive. The heavy-duty straps are adjustable ones; you can quickly adjust the straps according to your height. The straps are designed with soft material to support your shoulders. You won’t feel stress while carrying the bag. It also helps your lower back and sides.

The design of this backpack is water resistant. Additionally, you will also get a bottle holder on the side of the backpack. The padding at the back of this bag is sturdy which supports your back. The padding on this backpack is designed with Polyurethane Foam.


  • Attractive black and green design
  • Heavy-duty bag design with high-quality material
  • Different compartments
  • Adjustable straps
  • Water resistant design
  • Supportive padding for shoulders and back


  • Looks too bulky
  • Suitable for men only

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  1. Reebok Backpacks

Reebok is a global athletic brand for sports and apparels. The company has been providing a huge range of Shoes, T-Shirts, Track Pants, Wrist belts and now backpacks. Yes, the company has started selling their backpacks as well. If we talk about the current time, the company has hundreds of different types of backpacks for everyone, and you won’t regret after purchasing a Reebok Backpack.

Reebok Conavy Casual Backpack

Reebok Conavy Casual Backpack is a heavy-duty casual backpack available in the market. The backpack has an eye-catchy design with a black and red color. It is designed with synthetic material to improve its durability. It’s a premium range backpack which is packed with all the features that you might want in an ideal backpack.

The backpack has only one compartment so you can store anything you like in this compartment. It is not suitable for the travelers who want different compartments for storing different things. The bag has comfortable and supportive straps for carrying.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A heavy-duty casual backpack designed with high-grade material – Reebok Conavy Casual Backpack (CG0800)

You can also store and carry your laptop inside the bag as it has a laptop holder inside which holds and protects your laptop. The backpack is designed with high-grade material. The backpack has many pockets to accommodate small items and accessories.

Moreover, the backpack is entirely water resistant which lets you easily carry out in the rainy season. The straps are sturdy yet comfortable which doesn’t stress on your shoulders while carrying. You can store almost anything inside this backpack as it is very spacious and offers ample storage space for your clothes, laptop, shoes, etc.


  • Attractive design
  • Designed with high-grade material
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy and comfortable adjustable straps
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Spacious design


  • Only one compartment
  • Looks too bulky
  • Suitable for Men only

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  1. Wildcraft

Wildcraft is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to purchasing a new backpack from the market. In this competitive world, you have to go with the trusted brands to get the quality products. Wildcraft has a huge range of backpacks which are suitable for everyone. Be it a student or a traveler; Wildcraft has got everything to offer with their new range of backpacks. If you are searching for a reliable and suitable backpack for your daily use, you must check out the range of Wildcraft’s bags.

Wildcraft 35 Ltrs Black and Mel Backpack

Wildcraft’s Black and Mel Backpack is a heavy-duty backpack designed for the travelers and adventure-enthusiasts. This backpack from Wildcraft has 35 Ltrs of capacity with huge space inside the bag for storing various things. The backpack is designed with the Polyester material. It is a durable bag which lasts for years without having a scratch.

The backpack has a lightweight, yet it is designed with high-grade materials for carrying heavy things. There are three different compartments available inside this bag. You can store clothes, books, laptop, shoes, etc. in the separate compartments.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A durable bag designed with high-grade materials and stunning design – Wildcraft 35 Ltrs Black and Mel Backpack

At the sides, there are pockets available for accommodating small items. There is a bottle holder pocket also available at the side; you can easily carry a water bottle alongside this bag.

For comfortability, the backpack has padded shoulder straps which supports your shoulders. The straps are adjustable ones which you can quickly adjust as per your height. It doesn’t put stress on the joints while carrying the bag. Additionally, the back of this backpack has also padding to support your back. You won’t experience back pain with this back pain.


  • Stunning design
  • High-grade durable material
  • Light in weight
  • Water resistance design
  • Padded Straps to support your shoulders
  • Three different compartments
  • Extra pockets for accommodating small items
  • Bottle holder at the side


  • A bit expensive
  • Too spacious
  • Looks bulky
  • Suitable for Men only

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  1. Puma Backpacks

Puma backpacks are quite popular in the market. They are designed with high-quality material. Lightweight backpacks are suitable for travelers and adventure seekers who spend their time outside the most. There are plenty of backpacks for students and business people available at an affordable price tag. You can get the most suitable one from the range which can suit your needs.

Puma 23 Ltrs Lapis Blue Laptop Backpack (7439608)

Puma’s Lapis Blue Laptop Backpack is current the most stunning backpack from the brand. It is designed with a high-grade Polyester material. The durable backpack lasts for years. The design of this backpack is unique, and it looks different from other backpacks from various brands.

The Lapis Blue Laptop Backpack has 23 Ltrs of capacity. It has three compartments where you can store a variety of things. It is a lightweight backpack which is 100% comfortable for everyone. Puma is a world-class brand, and this backpack has a high quality which is suitable for teenagers who use their backpacks roughly.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A stunning backpack with an affordable price tag – Puma 23 Ltrs Lapis Blue Laptop Backpack (7439608)

The backpack is partially waterproof but not entirely. However, it can survive moderate rain easily and protects your things stored inside the back. You can also carry a laptop inside this bag as the middle compartment has a laptop sleeve to hold the laptop. The straps are designed to support your shoulders and back. You won’t feel tired or stressed after wearing this backpack for the whole day.

Moreover, the company is offering 90 days of manufacturing warranty on this product. If you find this product defective or not suitable, you can return it within 90 days.


  • High-grade light-weight material
  • Durable backpack
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Three different compartments
  • Laptop holder
  • Bottle Holder at the side
  • Supportive straps


  • Too bulky
  • Not 100% water resistant

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  1. Safari Backpacks

Safari is a new brand in the market which has a huge number of new generation backpacks. If you’ve been looking for a new backpack for your kids, then you must look for Safari’s backpacks. The brand has a variety of backpacks with unique design and high-grade materials. Unlike other brands, Safari is using Nylon material in their backpacks. The brand is gaining more popularity day by day and would cover more percentage of the market in the coming months.

Safari 32 Liters Blue Casual Backpack

Safari’s Blue Casual Backpack is unique as it is designed with Nylon material, inside and outside. It has 32 Ltrs of capacity so you can carry everything inside the bag. The blue color looks pretty attractive. Safari’s Backpack has total four compartments with a soft shell inside. You can even carry fragile things inside the backpack.

Interestingly, this backpack is suitable for both, men and women. Zipper closure makes it more comfortable and secured. The backpack is designed to offer 100% comfort to the users. It is an ideal backpack for daily use. There are plenty of small pockets available inside the back and at the sides for accommodating small items. It also features a bottle holder at the side.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
an ideal backpack for daily use with Affordable price tag – Safari 32 Liters Blue Casual Backpack

The backpack also features a laptop sleeve which holds your laptop carefully. The soft shell inside the backpack protects your laptop. The straps are designed with sturdy material which offers maximum comfort. You won’t feel stress on your shoulders and back. The company has designed this backpack to offers full comfort to the users.

Compare to other brands, Safari’s backpacks are more comfortable and durable. Additionally, they also carry an affordable price tag. If you are looking for a budget-friendly backpack with high durability, Safari’s Blue Casual Backpack won’t disappoint you.


  • Four Compartment
  • Designed with Nylon Material, inside and outside
  • Suitable for Men and Women
  • 32 Ltrs of Capacity
  • Water Bottle Holder and many small pockets
  • Affordable price tag


  • We didn’t find out any cons in this bag

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  1. Gear Backpacks

Gear has been providing different types of backpacks for years. The brand is currently one known as one of the best ones in the market and doing great business through various e-Commerce giants in India. If you are looking for an ideal backpack for your kids or yourself, then you must check out the range of Backpacks from Gear brand.

Gear Classic 24 Ltrs Brown and Blue Casual Backpack

Gear Classic is market’s best-selling backpack which is extra affordable and has all the features of the new generation backpacks. This Brown and Blue Casual Backpack from Gear has everything that you might be looking for in a new backpack. It has got enough storage space to store anything that you want. It comes with 24 Ltrs of storage capacity.

The outer material of this backpack is Polyester while the inner material is Suede. The color combination of brown and blue looks unique and attractive. The design of this backpack is also unique as you can see in the image. It has a small pocket at the top with zipper closure.

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A best-selling backpack with affordability – Gear Classic 24 Ltrs Brown and Blue Casual Backpack

This backpack is wear resistant, stain resistant and water resistant. It is designed for all the seasons, and you can even carry it on the rainy days. The material won’t attract dust particles which keeps it clean throughout the day.

The backpack is designed with Gear Style Studio to offer maximum comfort and style to the users. The design is suitable for both, girls and boys. There is no any particular compartment for storing a laptop inside the bag; however, you can comfortably carry a laptop inside this bag.

Moreover, the backpack has multiple small pockets which allow you to accommodate plenty of small items inside the backpack. It is well suited for the college students. It’s a lightweight bag designed with high-grade material which is extra-durable.


  • Designed with Gear Style Studio for 100% comfort
  • Great storage space
  • Multiple small pockets
  • Well-aligned zippers, easy to use design
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Unisex design, for girls and boys.
  • Affordable price for everyone


  • Color combination looks odd
  • Not 100% water resistant
  • No rain cover
  • No particular compartment for laptop

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  1. Wildcraft Backpacks

Wildcraft is a well-known brand in the Indian market. The brand has numerous backpacks designed for collect students, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts. If you’ve been looking for a new backpack, then Wildcraft has a variety of backpacks for everyone. You should visit their backpacks range before making up your final decision on one from the competitors.

Wildcraft 38 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack 

Wildcraft’s Black Casual Backpack is made of quality nylon, unlike the other brands. This is a long-lasting material with good storage capacity. The backpack offers 38 Ltrs of capacity which is enough for 2-3 days of traveling.

This backpack has a total of three different compartments with side mesh pocket. The side mesh pocket is there for holding the water bottle. You can quickly take out the water bottle from this pocket without removing the bag. The compartments are designed to carry anything, your clothes, shoes, cosmetics and what not!

Best Backpacks Brands in India
A quality backpack with a long-lasting material and a good storage capacity – Wildcraft 38 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack

Moreover, the inside of the back is well cushioned with high-quality foam which protects the fragile things. You can also carry your laptop inside this backpack as there is a laptop sleeve available inside. The design of this backpack is ideal for Men only.

The straps of this bag are adjustable. They are designed to give you full comfort. The design of this backpack is to support your back so you won’t feel back pain after wearing it for a long day. It has a small front pocket and a side pocket.

Wildcraft’s Black Casual Backpack is entirely water resistant which makes it an ideal choice for the rainy season. Moreover, the manufacturer is offering 18 months of warranty on this product. You can get it repaired or replaced anytime within 18 months from the manufacturer.


  • Designed with high-quality nylon material
  • 8mm soft foam inside for extra protection
  • Three compartments
  • Side mesh pocket for water bottle
  • Supportive straps for shoulders


  • No Laptop Compartment
  • No rain cover
  • A little expensive

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Backpack Buying Guides

In the early days, Backpacks were only used by the workers, hikers, and travelers. However, the world has now completely changed, and we all need a suitable backpack when we go out. Backpacks are an excellent alternative compared to other suitcases and traditional bags. A backpack is much more comfortable as it distributes equal weight to your shoulders and back. Using a reliable backpack solves many problems while traveling and for that reason, everyone is looking for a new backpack for their daily needs.

Why choose backpacks?

Backpacks are way more comfortable than traditional bags and suitcases. There could be plenty of reasons why you should choose a backpack over other bags and briefcases. Here, we have listed down a few of them, so you can have a better understanding of the backpacks and why you should choose it.

  • Backpack carries heavy weight easily without stressing your muscles.
  • It distributes equal weights to your entire body and not only on your shoulders.
  • Makes your traveling super easy
  • Easy to use and easy to carry design
  • Different pockets to hold a variety of things conveniently.
  • You can roam freely while wearing the backpack

Before you jump on to buying a new backpack, you should need to know about the types of Backpacks first. Backpacks have plenty of varieties, and you need to select the most suited one for your needs. Let’s find out what are the types of Backpacks.

Types of Backpacks

  1. School Bags for Students

The education system has changed in India, and School Students have to carry a lot of weight in their bags. Students have to carry all the books, a lunch box, a water bottle, etc. To manage all the weight equally for a year or so, you should get your kids a reliable and spacious backpack. The market is full of different types of backpacks for students; you can explore them thoroughly and get the right one.

  1. Laptop Backpack

Many professionals are using a backpack to carry their notes, books and of course, a laptop. Backpacks feature a separate soft compartment for laptop with extra protection and care. If you are an office person and requires a laptop compartment in your bag, there are many options available for you. You can get your laptop backpack from numerous brands.

  1. Backpack for Men

Men require a backpack for general purposes and office use. According to men’s basic needs, there are a huge number of backpacks available with different compartments and pockets. Men can keep their things inside these pockets. Many brands have backpacks specially designed for Men only.

  1. Backpack for Women

While travel, a Woman requires plenty of things to stuff inside the bag. A Woman takes care of the entire family and their needs, and for that reason, she needs to have a bulky and spacious backpack which can store everything inside. There are many such backpacks available for a woman with good capacity.

  1. Backpack for Girls

Girls always look for new designs when it comes to choosing a backpack. Girls require different types of bags for different occasions and for that reason, they need multiple backpacks for school or college, for partying, traveling, etc. If you are a girl, you can find out many backpacks from the market to suit your basic needs.

Things to consider while purchasing a new Backpack 

Before making your final decision, you should know about your requirements. Make sure you first figure out your needs and then choose a backpack accordingly. Check out the following things before you purchase a new Backpack from the market.

  • A capacity of the backpack
  • Extra Features such as water resistant, rain cover, etc.
  • Outer and inner material
  • Compartments in the backpack
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Fitting adjustment
  • Straps quality
  • Files storage
  • Side pockets etc.

Since there are hundreds of choices for a backpack is available, you need to purchase a backpack depending upon your plans and needs. If you are a student, you should go with the student backpack. If you are a traveler, get a backpack with good capacity to store things.


We have put our best efforts to bring down the list of best backpacks from various famous brands here. Depending upon the quality of the backpacks, the brand, your basic needs and the price tag, you can get a suitable backpack from the above list. Go through the backpack buying guide, know your requirements and then choose the right backpack from the list.

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