Power Banks 10000 mAh – Best 10000 mAh Power Bank in India

Smartphone’s battery life is more important than anything when it comes to choosing an ideal one from the market. We have a huge range of different types of smartphones available from various smartphone manufacturers from around the world. However, most smartphones don’t offer good battery life. To support the batteries of the phones, many smartphone manufacturers have started manufacturing their Power Banks. If you’ve been looking for a reliable Power Bank with good battery life, here we have compiled a list of Best 10000 mAh Power Banks in India in the present market.

These days, many new generation smartphones come up with longer battery life; however, it is always recommended to have a proper backup of a battery when you are outside or away from your home. When a portable and powerful Power Bank is available with you, you don’t need to worry about the battery life of your smartphone. A Power Bank comes with easy to plug and use functionality to recharge a smartphone. You can use a compatible cable to recharge all types of smartphones through Power Bank.

People used to capture photos, playing games, listening to music and more and for that reason, when you travel, it is essential to carry an extra power source so you can quickly recharge and spend good time with your smartphone. Mobile phones come with more features which consume more energy from the device. When you use all the features and explore different websites, play games, etc., your phone’s battery will die soon. For the very same reason, a suitable Power Bank should be there with you. From here, you can pick any of the following listed Power Banks to fulfill your needs of a Power Bank.

Top 10000mAh Mobile Power Banks Online In India

Lenovo Powerbank

Lenovo is known as the most trusted brands in the industry. It is quite popular with a series of smartphones, Laptops and now for the Power Banks. Yes, It has many different kinds of Power Banks available for different types of Android smartphones. Lenovo’s Power Bank comes with a handy design and a robust battery backup with 10400mAh. Fortunately, it’s low in a budget so anyone can easily afford this Lenovo’s Power bank to recharge their phones anytime.

Being a new generation Power Bank for the latest smartphones, Lenovo’s PA10400 Powerbank comes with two independent USB charging ports. It also supports quick charging for the latest smartphones so you can instantly recharge your device in just a few minutes. With this Power Bank, you can quickly recharge your smartphones, tablets, MP3/ MP4 players, USB Memory cards, etc. The Power Bank is integrated with intelligence high control chip which keeps your battery and devices secure.

The Lenovo’s Power Bank has been tested with International Standard during the time of its manufacturing, so it is perfect for your smartphones. Using this Power Bank is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is use the Power Key located on the exterior and plug-in the USB cable to your Smartphone. Your device should start charging.

Features of Lenovo Powerbank

  • Dual USB Ports to charging multiple devices at the same time
  • Powerful backup with 10400mAh
  • Compatible with all types of Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets
  • Light in weight and portable design suitable for everyone
  • Comes with rabid charging capabilities
  • Built-in protection features that avoid overcharging, heating and short circuit
  • Tested with International Standards and Quality check
  • Easy to use interface with plug and charge option

Moreover, Lenovo is offering 1 Year warranty on the product. If anything goes wrong with the Power Bank between this period, you will get a full refund from the company or can get it replaced as per your requirements.


  • Portable and Light-Weight Design
  • 10400mAh of power
  • Two USB Ports
  • Built-in Protection feature


  • Unimpressive design
  • Poor quality material


Sony Powerbank

Sony is a renowned name in the field of Electronics. There are plenty of technology devices, music players, smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, etc. available from Sony and we all are quite aware of all these products. Did you know that the same company has a series of Power Banks? Sony’s new CP-V10A/BC Power Bank is now bestselling in the market as it is packed with a set of advanced features of the current generation Power Banks.

Sony is known for the quality products, and you would get the same quality with this 10000 mAh of power bank. It is also known as a portable power charger for the Sony devices. Sony’s CP-V10A/BC Power Bank is compatible with different types of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, CyberShot, Camcorder and game console. The device uses 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery which is compatible with all kinds of USB Devices. You can plug and charge any USB compatible gadgets with this Power Bank.

With this Power Bank, you would also get a compatible micro USB Data cable. You can easily plug the micro USB end into the devices and the USB end to the USB port to complete the connection and recharge the device. It works efficiently and recharges any compatible gadgets quickly. It is manufactured with the latest technology which keeps the entire Power Bank secured from voltage fluctuations, short circuit, etc.


  • One USB Output Port
  • Equipped with Sony-manufactured lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Compatible for charging ebooks, tablets, cameras, and smartphones on-the-go
  • Battery capacity of 10000mAh
  • Compatible with Sony products such as Xperia, Cyber-shot, Handycam and Walkman players
  • Micro USB cable is included in the box.
  • Can be charged via AC-USB Adapter or Computer’s USB port

Moreover, Sony is offering 1 Year warranty on the product from the date of purchase. You will get it repaired or replaced if it stops working within the warranty period.


  • Manufactured with quality material which is more durable
  • Portable and Handy design
  • Powerful performance
  • Quick Charging facility
  • Compatible with all types of USB appliances


  • Only one USB Port
  • A bit expensive
  • Charging takes some time.


Syska Power Powerbank

Never run out of power with Syska’s all new Power Bank, Syska Power Pro 200. The new generation Syska Power Bank packs with hundreds of extraordinary features which makes it the extremely powerful Power Bank of the current time. The all-new Syska Power Pro 200 generates power of 20000mAh with Polymer rechargeable batteries.

Syska’s Power Bank offers two independent USB Ports which lets you recharge multiple gadgets at the same time. You don’t need to wait for your device to recharge, plug into other port and you are ready to go! It is compatible to recharge pretty much all the USB devices. It comes with IC Protection certification which keeps your Power Bank and connected products protected from voltages and short circuits.

Apart from this, the new Power Bank has Intelligence Power Management Solution which lets you keep track of your device battery and charging option. It also features a Soft Switch button which makes the Power bank work for longer time. This switch is steady and durable which offer longer life. The Power Bank has built-in Hibernation mode which puts the Power bank in hibernation mode when not in use. This way, it saves a lot of your Power Bank’s power. The Power Bank is available in two different color options. You can pick the most suitable one for you.


  • Dual USB Charging Ports to recharge multiple products simultaneously.
  • Manufactured with high-quality material which offers long life
  • 20000mAh of battery capacity
  • Enhance the life of your battery with IC Protection
  • Built-in Intelligence Power Management Solution
  • BIS Certified Polymer Rechargeable Battery Cells
  • Auto hibernation mode saves your battery.
  • Compatible to recharge all types of USB compatible appliances
  • You can recharge this Power bank with AC-Power Adapter or Computer’s USB Port.


  • 20000mAh of battery power
  • 2 USB Ports
  • IC Protection
  • Soft Switch Button
  • Automatic Hibernation Mode


  • Expensive
  • 6 Months of limited warranty


Intex Powerbank

When it comes to Indian manufacturers in the Electronics field, Intex is one of the best in the market. Intex has a huge range of Televisions, Smartphones, and other technology gadgets. Lately, the giant has started manufacturing Power Banks for the USB compatible devices as well.

The new Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank offers 11000mAh of power. The new Power Bank from Intex comes with LED light indicator which lets you know about the current power usage and battery related information. It’s a lightweight Power Bank which comes with easy to use interface and a Portable design to carry anywhere along. The Power Bank is quite affordable for all types of consumers who are looking for a new Power Bank for their smartphones and other USB devices.

It is designed with sturdy plastic material which is long lasting and durable. The White body of the Power Bank is easy to locate and looks attractive enough. It offers 3 USB Ports which work simultaneously. You can recharge three different devices simultaneously by using compatible USB cables. There is a built-in Flashlight also available on the Power Bank which is very helpful when you are traveling. You’ll never run out of power when you carry this amazing Power Bank along with you.


  • 3 USB Output Ports to recharge multiple devices at the same time
  • Huge Power with 11000mAh of Li-ion battery
  • Compatible with all types of USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles MP3 Players, etc
  • Built-in Flashlight makes it a perfect companion for Travellers.
  • LED Indicator shows Energy Status of the Power Bank
  • Durable material of the Power Bank comes with long life.

Furthermore, Intex is offering 1 Year of warranty on the Product from the date of purchase. You will get the Power Bank replaced or repaired as per its requirements within the given Warranty period by the company for absolutely free of cost.


  • 3 USB Output Ports
  • 11000mAh of Power
  • LED Indicator
  • Built-in Flashlight


  • No Quick Charging Support
  • No Protection Certification


Pebble Powerbank

Pebble is a well-known brand for accessories of different kinds of devices. The company is now coming up with a new range of Power Banks to support your Smartphone’s battery when you are traveling. Pebble brings an all-new Pebble PB66 20000mAh Power Bank for all the consumers.

The new Power Bank from Pebble comes with 20000mAh of capacity. Sleek and elegant and pocket-friendly design makes this new Pebble PB66 Power Bank a reliable one for everyone. Pebble ensures the safety of your device with comprehensive protection mechanism. It also improves the life of the smartphone’s battery as it recharges the devices safely.
The new PB66 Power Bank is manufactured with Smart Chip Technology. It can detect your device automatically to recharge your devices super faster. It comes with two different types of USB Ports which lets you recharge two different devices simultaneously. It offers Universal Compatibility which means, you can recharge all types of USB Compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 Players, etc.


  • 20000mAH lithium-ion battery
  • Slim and bold design with a super sleek body which makes it easy to carry
  • 2 USB Ports with ultra-fast charging capabilities
  • Compatible with almost all types of USB devices
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Built-in Smart Chip Technology offers the fastest charging
  • Durable, high-quality material

Moreover, Intex is offering 6 Months replacement guarantee on the product from the date of purchase. If the Power Bank stops working within the six months of its purchase, you will get a new one for free.


  • 2 USB Ports
  • 20000mAh of Power
  • Bold and Slim design
  • Built with Smart Chip Technology


  • Average looking design
  • Limited Guarantee of 6 months


Lenovo Powerbank

Lenovo is gaining more popularity with its series of new Power Banks. Ages ago, Lenovo was only known for its Laptops and Computers. However, the brand is now quite active in the mobile industry with a number of all ranges of smartphones and now with Power Banks. Lenovo’s Power Banks are currently top selling ones in the market as they carry an affordable price tag and come with all the innovative features.

It’s a powerful Power Bank with is packed with Li-Polymer. It offers 10000mAh of power which never let you run out of power when you are away from the charging ports. It has two different charging Ports so you can recharge multiple devices at the same time. It is packed with multiple security design which protects your smartphone from overheating and voltage fluctuations.

Lenovo PB500 Power Bank comes with a light-weight and portable design which makes it easier for the users to carry it in the pocket. It’s a perfect companion for the travelers and for the people who spend their time outside. It also comes with LED indicators to show the battery status and recharge status. Manufactured with quality, durable material which offers long life.


  • 2 USB Output Ports for charging multiple devices
  • 10000mAh of power
  • Easy connectivity with USB data cable
  • Recharges with AC Adapter or Computer’s USB port
  • Supports fast charging with built-in LED indicator
  • Elegant design attracts new generation consumers

Lenovo is offering 1 Year of manufacturer warranty on the product from the date of purchase. You will get the device repaired or replaced within the given period.


  • 2 USB Ports
  • 10000mAh of Power
  • LED Indicator
  • Safe and reliable


  • A square design doesn’t fit well
  • Sometimes overheat

Ambrane Powerbank

Ambrane is a popular name when it comes to buying new Power Banks. It is the only Power Bank in the market which comes with nine layers of advanced protection for both, you and your device. It is integrated with advanced protection chip which keeps things secure. The new P-1310 Power Bank from Ambrane offers 13000mAh of power and a bunch of other extraordinary features.

The new Ambrane P-1310 Power Bank uses Samsung Cell Lithium-ion Battery which generates excellent power. It charges your smartphones super faster within a few minutes of time as it supports fast charging technology. It does not only recharge your smartphones but tablets, MP3 Players, and other compatible devices very well. Pocket-friendly design and being a lightweight one, it’s an excellent companion for the travelers who will never run out of power on their smartphones.

The connection ports, indicator lights to see the power status and everything there on the device. You can plug and recharge your USB compatible device with this new generation Power Bank from Abrane. It comes with a sophisticated design which makes it the super convenient Power Bank for everyone.


  • 13000mAh of long-lasting battery capacity
  • The pocket-friendly design makes it a perfect companion
  • Dual output
  • Uses Samsung’s lithium-ion cells
  • Built-in Flashlight perfect for travelers
  • Comes with 9 Layers of advanced Chipset protection
  • Reset Mechanism with short-circuit protection
  • Elegant look with great performance

Moreover, the company is offering 1 Year of Warranty on the product from the date of purchase. You can get a damaged product repaired or replaced for free.


  • Dual Output
  • High performance with 13000mAh of power
  • Built-in Flashlight


  • It automatically disconnects after some time
  • Some people get black warranty card on the purchase.


Syska Powerbank

Syska’s X110 Power Bank is currently the best in the market which packs with 11000mAh of power. If you’ve been looking for a new Power Bank for your smartphone or tablet, you might want to check out this all-new Syska X110 Power Bank. This Power Bank comes with BIS Certification which ensures the quality of the product.

Being a new generation Power Bank, the Syska X110 is compatible with almost all types of smartphones, tablets and other USB compatible devices. It has precise IC Protection certification which keeps your smartphone protected from voltage fluctuations and short circuit. The Power Bank comes with a dual USB Ports which lets you recharge multiple devices simultaneously.

Syska has adopted new designs in the Power Banks, and this new X110 Power Bank comes with an elegant and sleek design which fits well in your pockets. It also comes with a built-in LED indicator to check the battery status of the Power Bank.


  • Dual USB Ports for charging multiple devices
  • Compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets
  • BIS Certified ensures great quality
  • Multiple layers of circuit protection
  • Safe and secured charging of your devices
  • Available in three different colors- White-grey, White-blue & Black-grey

Moreover, Syska is offering six months of warranty on the product from the date of purchase. If you find the Power Bank is damaged or not working correctly, you can get it replaced by the seller within six months.


  • Dual USB Ports
  • 11000mAh of Power
  • LED Light indicators
  • Pocket-friendly and sleek design


  • Average quality
  • Limited Warranty of 6 months


Lenovo Powerbank

The new Lenovo PA13000 Power Bank has a battery of 13000mAh which keeps your phone charged for the longer time. You’ll never run out of battery when you keep this handy Power Bank along. It’s elegant, and pocket-friendly design fits well anywhere in your pockets, backpacks, etc.

It’s a light-weight and complete portable Power Bank which is lighter than your smartphone. It is built with IC Protection technology which keeps charging process secured. It protects your smartphone or any other devices from overheating and fluctuating voltages. Your device will be completely safe while charging through this Power Bank.

Additionally, Lenovo’s PA13000 Power Bank offers two different USB Ports. Yes, there are two independent USB ports available on this Power Bank which allows you to recharge multiple devices simultaneously. This Power Bank is compatible with all types of Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming consoles with USB ports and other MP3 players. You can fill the energy through AC-Adapter or Computer’s USB port to this Power Bank. It is manufactured with a high-grade matte plastic material which is quite durable and offer long lasting life.


  • Dual USB Ports lets you recharge multiple devices
  • 13000mAh of power
  • Super sleek, elegant and pocket-friendly lightweight design
  • High-grade matte grade plastic material
  • Power light display with soft light
  • Integrated with intelligent power control chip
  • IC Protection certified keeps your Power Bank safe and secured.
  • Built-in LED Light indicator for checking the status of the Power Bank’s battery

Furthermore, Lenovo is offering 1 Year of Warranty on the Power Bank from the date of purchase. If you find it damaged or doesn’t work, you can get it repaired or replaced for free without any additional charges.


  • Dual USB Ports
  • Thin and light Pocket-friendly design
  • 13000mAh of power
  • IC Protection


  • Average design
  • Overheating issues


Ambrane Power Bank

If you are looking for a powerful Power Bank for longer better life for your smartphones and other devices, than Ambrane’s P-2000 is designed for the people like you. It packs with a huge 20800mAh of Power with a pocket-friendly and portable design. It’s a perfect Power Bank for the regular travelers who spend most of their time traveling.

With Ambrane’s new P-2000 Power Bank, you will never run out of power as it is capable enough to keep your device charged for 3 to 4 days with a single recharge. It has premium matte finish design which looks vibrant and attractive to everyone. It is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, you can also recharge other devices such as MP3 players, gaming consoles and minicomputers through this Power Bank.

The new P-2000 Power Bank offers three USB Ports which lets you recharge three different devices simultaneously. There is a built-in Flashlight also available on the Power Bank which makes it an ideal companion for the travelers. It comes with easy to use Toggle Button so you can turn on and operate it efficiently.


  • Three USB Ports for charging three devices
  • 20800mAh of power
  • Built-in Torchlight and Toggle button
  • IC Protection certified Power Bank.
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, music players, etc.
  • Super sleek and portable design
  • White and Grey color options available

Furthermore, the company is offering 1 Year of Warranty on the Product from the date of purchase. You can get it repaired or replaced within this period if it stops working itself.


  • Triple USB Ports
  • Built-in Torch with Toggle Button
  • 20800mAh of power


  • Overheating issues
  • Average design

These are all the best-selling and popular Power Banks available in the market. We have searched enough of the web to compile the list of the best 10000mAh Power Banks. The list includes the Power Banks with 10000mAh and above Power for recharging multiple devices quickly.

Before making up your final choice on picking up one from the above list, we request you to kindly follow a few Power Bank buying tips which are listed below.

Power Bank Buying Tips

The capacity of the Power Bank

The market is full of different types of Power Banks which come with different Capacity. Before selecting the Power Bank, you should figure out your requirements from the Power Bank. How much Power does your phone require in a day? You should know about the essential requirements first, and then you can choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Conversation Ratio

Most people don’t become aware of the exact conversation ratio of the Power Bank. If you purchase a Power Bank with 20000mAh of power and you have a 2000mAh of a smartphone, it will recharge your device for 8 to 9 times and not ten times. Battery capacity fluctuates, and you need to keep in mind before arguing about this with the reseller or company. Sometimes, the power goes wasted due to overheating and other issues. You should pick up the most trusted and favorite brand from the lot.


Most new generation Power Banks come with attractive designs to attract the eyeballs of the new consumers. However, when it comes to buying a new Power Bank, you need to figure out how you would carry it? We recommend you to go with the sleek, lightweight and portable design so it can fit well in your pockets, so you don’t need to carry an extra storage bag.

Extra Features

New generation Power Banks offer extra features to attract customers. There are many power banks available in the market which offer three USB Ports which let you charge three different devices simultaneously. You can also have a flashlight on-board and proper protection cover along with the Power Banks. You should also check for such add-ons when you are purchasing a new Power Bank from the market.