Best Washing Machines: Top Load & Front Load Washing Machine

When we go shopping for any home appliances, we have a huge number of options for a single need. If you are tired of washing clothes in your household and are looking for a way to solve this, there are a variety of washing machines available in the market. In order to find the right washing machine for our needs is a challenging task just because of the choices available in the market. If you are looking for some buying ideas for a washing machine, then here we are presenting you a list of best washing machines which include, top load and front load both. Follow the list right now and decide for yourself which one to buy!

Front Load vs Top Load Washers: The Definitive Guide
Before we move on to the list of best Washing Machines, you should know about the differences between the front load and the top load washing machines. Here, we will explain you about the basic differences of these two different types of washing machines in Indian market.

Top Load Washing Machine Vs Front Load Washing Machine

Top Load Washing Machines come with a number of benefits. Top Load Washing Machines are highly recommended for Indian people. Let’s check out some of the benefits of Top Load Washing Machines first.

Benefits of Top Load Washing Machines

  • The most compelling feature of top load washing machines is their pricing. The Top load washing machine comes with low pricing compare to the front load washing machine. Indian people do prefer to have low priced appliances and for that reason, Top Load Washing Machines are popular.
  • Because of their cheap pricing, they are useful for short-term living, in the apartments and in the commercial buildings as well. They come with compact size which can be stored anywhere. They also come with lightweight so anyone can easily move it within the home.
  • Top load machines come with user friendly UI which serves easy to use operations for all kinds of people. You will also guide by the technician during the installation period, so you will be able to use the Top Load Washing Machine from the day one.

Benefits of Front Load Washing Machines

  • Front Load Washing Machines come with plenty of advanced technical features. These types of Washing Machines are more efficient and washing clothes. They clean clothes neatly with less damages than the top load machines. For the very same reason, they are a little bit expensive.
  • Front Load Washing Machines consume less energy, water and detergent. As per experts, front load washing machines use one third of energy, water and detergent than the top load washing machines. It looks more expensive than the top load washing machines at the initial stage, however, in long time, it will save you a lot of money in your pocket.
  • Front Load Washing Machines don’t make noise while spinning. The advanced front load washing machines come with advanced specifications and a digital touch screen display. You can easily setup the machine’s functionality and can change the modes easily as per your requirements.
  • Hope you have collected enough of information about the top load and front load washing machines. You can easily decide which one is sufficient for you and which washing machine fits in your budget. If you are looking for luxury features, then front load washing machines are more preferable as they will give you the best of features. They are energy efficient as well, If budget is not your issue, we recommend you to go with the front load washing machines.


10 Best Washing Machines

Haier is one of the most popular consumer electronic brand which offers a variety of home appliances. The brand is known for the best quality and great services. In order to keep your clothes clean, Haier 5.8 Kg washing machine is here. If you have limited budget or small family, you should go with this 5.8 Kg fully-automatic top loading washing machine from Haier.

The 5.8 Kg of capacity is suitable for couples and bachelors to clean up their daily clothes. This washing machine comes with total 6 washing programs. You can change the settings of your washing machine and can set it to the suitable mode easily. It comes with a digital display where you can see the current mode, water level, remaining time and much more details.

The Washing Machine comes with rust free body which offers long life. The company is offering 2 years of warranty on the product and 5 years of warranty on the motor. Double level spin cleans up your clothes smoothly and it will not damage your clothes. The machine also features Quick Wash Function which cleans up your clothes quickly. This mode will not consume more time and washes down all of your clothes in just a few minutes.

Apart from the top loading washing machines, Haier has a range of Front Loading Washing machines as well. If you have good budget on buying a new washing machine, then you should check for Haier’s mid-range front loading washing machine. The new fully-automatic front loading washing machine from Haier is equipped with advanced technology features which makes it the most advanced front-loading washing machine in the market. It is on the chart of the bestselling front loading washing machines.

The front load washing machine from Haier has BLDC motor which is more reliable than the conventional motor. It makes less noise and consumes less energy, so it is more efficient for you. It is also equipped with Laser Seamless Welding Technology which is more durable and provides great strengths. Muscular drum comes with drain holes for extra care while washing clothes at around 1000 rpm.

Additionally, being a new generation washing machine, Haier’s this washing machine comes with a number of advanced modes for washing different types of clothes. You can wash pretty much all types of clothes manufactured with different materials such as Cotton, synthetic, mix, wool, underwear, sport, jeans etc. The machine offers 15-minute quick wash, daily wash, baby care, self-spin and clean, hand wash and a lot many more functions to wash your clothes. It has a unique design which looks attractive enough for the new buyers.

Haier’s new generation fully-automatic top loading washing machine comes with 7.2 Kg load which is suitable for families with 4 to 5 members. If the capacity of 6 Kg is not sufficient for your basic needs, you can go for this extra-large washing machines with 7.2 Kg load capacity. This new Haier’s fully-automatic top loading washing machine is here to suit your demands.

The larger tub inside the machine stores more water which wash clothes smoothly and with less damage. It works automatically which doesn’t require any manual functions or operations. Being a new generation washing machine, it uses advance technology to wash clothes automatically.

Special features such as 10 minutes quick wash, soak function, self-diagnostics, memory backup and delay start. The company is offering 2 years warranty on product and 5 years warranty on motor. 10 wash programs are available to wash different types of clothes. Digital control panel controls the functions properly. It also comes with child lock feature which prevent your child’s from accidents.


LG is here to make our lives good with a huge number of different types of home appliances. The company is well known in Indian market and people do like to choose LG over other brands as it provides good quality and service on the products. Among all the other front-loading washing machines, this LG’s 8 Kg fully-automatic front loading machine is market’s best selling washing machine.

This machine comprises of 6 different kinds of motions which is known as modes of washing clothes to suit all of your requirements. This automatic washing machine is designed withInverter Direct Drive Technology which consumes less energy compared to other same range of washing machines in the market.

The 8 Kg capacity suits better for the big families as it carries a lot of clothes inside and you can wash a bunch of them easily and more quickly. It comes with direct drive motor which makes less noise and less vibration. You can also use it during the night just before going to the bed. Full Touch Control with advanced functions to make the most of this machine at your fingertip. Elegant design makes it look even more attractive.

If you are looking for a mid-range front loading washing machine, then LG has its new top selling 6 KG fully-automatic front loading washing machine. The new LG Washing Machine provides superior quality and brings the best of features. The new generation front-loading washing machine from Samsung offers a set of exciting features with extraordinary modes. The 6 LG load capacity is more suitable for the bachelors and small families or couples.

The front-loading washing machine from LG uses Inverter Direct Drive Technology which makes the motor connected to the drum directly without the pully or belt. This technology consumes less energy which makes the machine electricity efficient. 6 Motion advanced DD technology comes washes clothes smoothly with less damages.

The advanced washing machine from LG comes with Smart Diagnosis technology which easily troubleshoot the problem. You can fix a variety of issues easily and this way you can save your money. The company is offering 2 years pf warranty on the product and 10 years on motor.


The South Korean giant offers extra-ordinary servicing to their products. Samsung is not just popular at selling smartphones, but it is also popular in Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave and many other home appliances. The Samsung 6.2 Kg fully-automatic top loading washing machine is one of the bestselling top loading washing machines in the market. Samsung has designed plenty of washing machines for Indian homes and the new generation top loading washing machines are packed with highly advanced features.

This top loading washing machine is quite sophisticated. It comes with silver shade at the front side and brown lid from inside. The machine carries a load of 6.2 Kg. It comes with super clean 5 technology with different cleaning modes to wash different materials of clothes. It packs with simple and easy to use functionality which can be used by anyone easily. You don’t need to be a skillful person in order to make use of this washing machine. It is suitable for all types of Indian families. Since it is compact in size, it doesn’t require more storage space.

Bosch Washing Machines provide more efficient while washing clothes. Bosch Washing Machines provide superior performance. Bosch Washing Machine is faster than other conventional washing machines. The Bosch fully-automatic front loading washing machine accelerates the washing performance by up to 65%. This front-loading washing machine is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.

The Bosch 7 Kg fully-automatic front loading washing machine offers 1450 RPM which offers more faster performance. This front-loading washing machine are equipped with latest functionality and consumes less water and energy. They serve a complete environmental friendly environment for all types of consumers. They come with suitable design and offers superior performance.

AntiVibration design makes no noise. ActiveWater level functions properly and adjust the water level automatically. The advanced technology reduce wash time up to 65%. Apart from this, the Bosch fully-automatic feature packs with hundreds of other modes and functions for superior washing quality.


Godrej is one of the oldest brands when it comes to purchase a new home appliance. The company has a number of different types of products to fulfil your demands. The new Godrej 6.2 Kg Fully-automatic Top Loading washing machine is top selling in the Indian market as it is packed with a huge number of advanced features to suit your demands.

The Godrej’s new 6.2 Kg washing machine comes with more conventional design. The new fully-automatic top loading washing machine from Godrej comes with a variety of features which recognizes the requirements and set the washing mode accordingly.  If the machine is interrupted in between, it will resume from the same minute. The machine will also warn you if something is not going well with the machine.

Moreover, the new generation Godrej Washing Machine packs with a bunch of advanced features such as dry tap protection, fuzzy, soak selection, Smart rinse, Delay start. The machine has built-in computers which save your previous settings and it will work accordingly.

Panasonic is a big name when it comes to choose the perfect home appliance for your home. The company is known for the innovative technology on the new products. If you don’t want to go with the high load capacity, this 5.5 Kg fully-automatic front loading washing machine provides you an ease of choosing the perfect load of your clothes. Being a new generation washing machine, this Panasonic’s front-loading machine offers all the functions for washing clothes smoothly with less damage.

The new Panasonic 5.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine has 8 wash programs for different types of clothes. You can select a suitable mode as per your requirements. The machine uses advanced technology which operates automatically. Other useful functions such as tumble wash with fuzzy logic also enabled on the machine.

Furthermore, the auto restart features will resume the washing cycle during the power cut. So you don’t have to wait to start the machine from the beginning, the machine will resume itself. 15 Min quick wash feature washes down clothes in less than 15 minutes, whenever you are in hurry, you can put your clothes in this mode and you will get them washed in just 15 minutes. The machine also uses 3D sense which recognizes the functionality and other modes of washing clothes. This way it will provide superior quality.


So folks, these are all the most popular and best selling top loading and front loading fully-automatic washing machines in the market. The above listed washing machines are here in the market for different types of consumes. You can go through each of the above listed washing machines and can make up your mind on choosing the perfect one for you.

Best Washing Machines in India

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