Leading Packaged Food Brands in India

It’s common for packaged foods to be ready to eat or require only minimal preparation. Frozen foods, instant cup noodles, dry fruits, mixtures, and snacks are also included in this category. India is increasing its production of packaged foods as a result of increased demand in both domestic and international markets. These are the most popular food brands in India, both domestically and internationally. These are India’s reliable packaged food brands, which produce a wide range of everyday goods. In terms of safety, they can be consumed for a long period of time without causing any harm to the body. These items can be purchased online or at your local grocery store. Moreover They can be easily stored in any location, be it at home, work, or a restaurant. These foods can be made in a matter of minutes. In addition, they are both nutritious and delicious. It is possible to take packaged foods on business trips and outings to the park. The demand for ready-to-eat foods in India has increased in recent years. Packaged food products from a variety of companies are readily available for consumers to enjoy on a daily basis. Indians have a strong preference for certain packaged food brands in India when it comes to packaged foods. A wide variety of snacks and Namkeen products are produced by these companies. The general public has taken an immediate liking to these foods. Food Products for the People in India are some of the best in the world. Snacks with a wide variety of flavours and tastes are frequently introduced by Namkeen Companies in India. List of most popular packaged food brands in India, as well as the most successful brands in India manufactured by well-known FMCG companies in India.

Top Packaged Food Brands


There are many flavours of Lays potato chips available in Indian grocery stores such as India’s Magic Masala, Original Salted, American Salted, and Sunkissed Tomato. PepsiCo owns the Lay’s potato chip brand. PepsiCo owns the Uncle Chipps potato chip brand in India, despite the fact that the brand was originally launched by Indian Amrit Agro and later by Frito Lay. Lay’s is a popular packaged food in India. It is manufactured by PepsiCo. It is possible to buy these chips at your local grocery store or on the internet. It is possible to find Lays in a wide range of flavours. PepsiCo’s Diet Pepsi is another well-known product. Fresh potatoes are used to make Uncle Chipps.


There are many varieties of frozen foods produced by McCain, one of the most well-known packaged food brands in India. Packaged snacks that can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time are produced by this company. In any shopping centre or supermarket, McCain products can be found. Snacks like Smiles and Aloo Tikki can be made using this machine. These snacks taste even better when paired with a cup of tea, coffee, or other beverage. Founded in Canada, McCain is the world’s leading producer of frozen potato products. It generates more than $6.8 billion in annual revenue.


Almost everyone in India has seen the Bingo Mad Angles commercial. In India, ITC Limited’s Bingo is one of the most popular food items. ITC Limited, which was founded in 1910, is one of India’s most well-known packaged food companies. With a wide variety of flavours and spices to choose from, Bingo Mad Angles is India’s most popular potato snack brand. Another popular brand in the instant noodle market is Yippee, which was launched by Sunfeast and is now owned by ITC. Consumer goods, specialty papers, and apparel are just a few of the industries in which ITC Limited has a presence. The company produces Sunfeast, B Natural, GumOn, Sunbean, and other brands. Dairy products, confectionery, and meals are also made here.

Too Yumm

The Too Yumm brand of snacks is owned by RPG Group, which has entered the packaged snacks market. CEAT Tyres, Zensar Technologies, and KEC International are also owned by RPG Group. Calcutta-based conglomerate RPG Group is one of India’s top 10 food companies. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is where the company’s headquarters are located. FMCG, IT, CEAT tyres, and infrastructure all fall under the purview of RPG Group. Too Yumm is one of RPG Group’s best-selling items. Potato stix, rings, and baked stix are just some of the Indian food products that the company produces. Products, flavours, and other details can be found on the company’s website.


In addition to a wide range of traditional Indian sweets, snacks, and namkeens, Haldirams also manufactures a number of ready-to-eat food products, including Bhakarwadi. Haldiram’s new Soya Stick product line is a healthy alternative to potato chips and other traditional teatime snacks. Haldiram is a household name in the Namkeen market in India. A wide range of namkeen products in various flavours are produced by this company. In addition to namkeen, Haldiram’s makes a wide range of other sweets and snacks. For festivals and special events, it offers a wide selection of delectable beverages and milk products. They include Bhakarwadi, Namkeen, Aloo Bhujia, and other popular snacks from this brand. As a result of the lengthy Haldiram Products List, it will be difficult to select products. The Best Namkeen in India is also available at reasonable prices from this brand.


When it comes to jams and sauces, Kissan is a sucker. Sandwiches, burgers, and wafers all go well with Kissan jams and sauces. Kissan is a well-known Ready-to-Eat Food Brand with a substantial annual revenue, having been established in 1934. Vegetables and fruits were originally the focus of the company’s early days. The company’s goods can be purchased in both small and large packages. A wide range of snacks can be made with Kissan jams and sauces. Additionally, it uses only natural ingredients in its jams and sauces. They retain their flavour and freshness for an extended period of time.


Potato chips, wafers, wheels, and namkeen snacks are all made by Gujarat-based Balaji Wafers, which also produces a variety of other snacks. There are Balaji chips in every Indian grocery store. Wafers and namkeens are among Balaji’s best-known products. The Virani Brothers founded Balaji, which is based in Rajkot, Gujarat. As a result, the company’s products are also sold internationally. These wafers have a unique flavour. In addition, they have a lower oil content and are better for you. Wheels are the company’s other signature fryum shape. These friedums are a big hit with kids.


The best and most popular biscuit brand in India is Parle G, produced by Parle Products and one of the most trusted FMCG brands in India. Parle is the most popular brand in India and the first on the list. Since its inception in 1929, Parle has been one of India’s most recognisable food brands. In terms of total biscuit output, it accounts for roughly 7% of global output. 2020 will see an increase in biscuit production for this firm according to the company’s forecast data. Recently, Parle has been found to be the world’s most popular biscuit brand. A few of Parle’s best-selling items are Parle-G, Hide & Seek, and Monaco.

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a good name to include in a list of Indian food brands. Juices, pickles, jams and other food products are all made here. For picnics and road trips, Mother Dairy, founded in 1974, produces a variety of frozen food items. Vegetable oil and pulses are among the other foods it produces. With a wide range of products, it is one of India’s leading food companies. Furthermore, all of the company’s products are made with natural and pure ingredients.


It’s a ready-to-eat delicious cake slice with fruit and eggs, available in flavours like Chocolate, Orange and Milk Butter and Pineapple. In order of appearance, we have Britannia next. As one of the top snack brands in India, it produces a wide variety of products. Snacks like cakes, bread, and cheese are all available from Britannia in India. Snacks manufacturer Britannia Industries Limited, founded in 1892, is one of India’s most reputable companies. You can snack on a variety of foods at any time thanks to this machine. More than 60 countries around the world sell Britannia products.


India’s leading sauce, dip, gravy, emulsion, and dessert topping manufacturer, Veeba sells a wide variety of food products under the Veeba brand name. The company was established in 2013 by Viraj Bahl. Products that could enhance the flavour of international cuisines were the company’s goal. Veeba sauces and dips are low in fat, which is one of their main advantages. Almost all Veeba products are vegetarian and free of synthetic flavourings or preservatives. In addition, the local store sells these items with ease.


It’s no surprise that India’s masala industry is led by Everest. It is one of India’s most well-known food brands, producing a wide range of spices. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is the company’s headquarters. Everest has a wide variety of masalas on sale in the market. A wide range of Indian dishes can be made using Everest spices. Spices from the Himalayas can be purchased at any supermarket. They are completely unadulterated and unadulterated, with no added flavourings, chemicals, or aromas. For many years to come, Everest will be one of India’s most popular packaged food brands.

DFM Foods

In India, the CRAX Corn Rings brand of publicly traded DFM Foods is a hugely popular snack. Besides cheese balls, crunchy natkhat, and Pasta Crunch, the company also sells India’s largest food company, DFM Foods, which has a huge turnover. DFM Foods’ best-known product is Crax. In 1984, this company was established. The spicy and tangy flavour of Crax corn rings made them popular in India. Crax corn rings are available in every state of India. They’re delicious and last a long time, too. The Crax corn ring packets can also be taken on long trips, picnics, and camping trips.


The “Taste of India ” lines appear in Amul’s advertising. It’s perfect in every way possible. Amul has been at the top of India’s list of food companies for decades. A wide variety of dairy products are produced by this company. Tribhuvandas Patel founded Amul in 1946, and the company now generates $5.4 billion in annual revenue. A wide range of products are available at Amul: bread, cookies, milk, and energy drinks are just a few. On every Indian street, you’ll find an Amul store. Every Indian has a special place in their heart and kitchen for Amul products.

Heritage Foods

Nara Chandra Babu Naidu started Heritage Foods in 1992, and the company has been growing ever since. Retail, dairy, and renewable energy are just some of the businesses it carries out. Ice cream, ghee, and a variety of milk products are available at this establishment. It’s also one of India’s most profitable businesses.


There are many different types of packaged foods produced by the MTR brand in India, making it a highly profitable food company. in Bengaluru, Karnataka in 1924 it was established as a company. Spices, snacks, ready-to-eat food, and breakfast items are all part of this company’s product line. There is a lot of money to be made. Indian masalas are also produced by this company for everyday use. Benne Murukku and Khara Boondi are two of the snacks it makes. Many Indian dishes can be made with MTR packaged foods. A natural and vegetarian food store is its specialty.


Whether it’s wheat flour or any other food product, Patanjali has created it all. It was only a matter of time before Patanjali became a household name. There are a wide variety of snacks produced by this Indian Snacks Manufacturer. Ghee, oil, wheat flour, biscuits, healthy drinks, and juices are just some of the packaged goods this company carries. There has been an increase in the number of Patanjali stores in India. Natkhat Snacks, which are great for road trips and picnics, are also for sale at the store. Organic and healthy, Patanjali products are the best on the market. They do not pose any significant health dangers.


Founded in Rajasthan, Bikaji Foods International is a leading FMCG packaged foods brand in India, specialising in bhujia, namkeen and papad, as well as snacks and confectionery. Additional international markets include Australia, Japan, and Kenya, in addition to the company’s existing retail locations in all major Indian airports.

Vimal Agro

In the packaged food industry, Vimal Agro Private Ltd has a solid reputation. Ghee, butter, shrikhand, ready-to-eat fruits, canned foods, pickles, papads, and jams are some of the items it carries. The Swad brand includes all Vimal Agro products. It carries a wide selection of organic and natural foods at reasonable prices. Grocery stores and malls carry these items.

Yellow Diamond

Potato chips made by Indore-based Yellow Diamond are among the most popular snacks in the country. As a leading manufacturer of homegrown snacks, Desi Namkeen manufactures a wide range of high-quality products, all of which are produced using fully automated equipment. To that end, the Desi Namkeen Company makes a wide variety of snacks for the Indian market. Their best-selling product is potato chips. In Indore and elsewhere in India, these chips are a huge hit. Snacks such as wheels, chips, scoops, chulbule, and namkeen are available from this establishment. Sanitary conditions are maintained in the production of all of the company’s products. None of the company’s products are ever made with artificial additives like preservatives, colorings, or flavours. Every supermarket, mall, and online grocery store carries Yellow Diamond chips.

In India, packaged foods are increasingly popular because of how simple they are to prepare. It is also safe to eat processed foods due to the fact that they are packaged in airtight containers that keep them fresh for a long period of time, germs and bacteria can’t easily get into the food, and you can buy packaged food in India at any local store or through online grocery apps like Amazon.