The privacy of our readers is extremely important, and we do take care of that. The following Privacy Policy document describes everything that we collect and use from our readers. We request you all to please read our Privacy Policy document carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect and use our readers’ personal information. The document also lets you know how we handle Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with our website and its policy.

What personal information do we collect?

We do not collect any information from our readers or visitors. Our readers can freely explore the entire’s a platform without worrying about anything.

When do we collect Reader’s information?

We only collect the information from our readers, when they enter it personally. We have different forms and comments section which requires them to log in.

How do we use Reader’s information?

We may use our reader’s information when they sign up, log in or purchase a particular item from the platform. There comes a time when a reader needs to enter his details which we use to help them in the future during the login period.

How do we protect our Readers’ Personal Information?

We run regular Malware Scanning on the platform which keeps the data and other information stored on the website secured from the web threats. We don’t ask our readers to put their personal information such as name, address, phone number, etc.

Do we use Cookies?

We save Cookies just for your convenience. When you leave a comment, you may add your name, email address and other details which will keep as cookies. Whenever you come to our website again and try to comment on a particular thing, you don’t need to enter the details again and again. Cookies will add your details itself, and this will simplify the entire process. The information saved through Cookies will last for a year.

We use Cookies to:

Understand user’s personal preferences in the future
Automatically enter the details when they try to comment or purchase something.
Compile the traffic data of the website

You can also setup your browser and its behavior to save cookies. It will warn you whenever a website sent out a cookie. If you allow, only then the Cookies can be saved; otherwise your browser will not send out the cookies to the site. You can change the way how your browser behaves with the cookies by going through the Settings option. You can also disable the Cookies from the Settings option.

Third Party Sharing

We do not share your Personal Information with any of our third-party partners. We do not sale, trade or transfer anything to any advertisers also.

Embedded Contents from Third Party Websites

Many articles on this site may include Videos, Additional Articles, Images, etc. The embedded contents on this website will act as a visitor has visited the other website. When you click on to the Embedded content, the user will redirect to that particular website.
These websites may collect your personal information with the help of the cookies. So you need to be very careful before visiting the embedded third-party contents.

Which Tracking Tool do we use?

For tracking our website traffic and other information, we use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act

The COPPA puts parents in control whenever they use the personal information of a Child below 13 years of age. We request the parents and guardians to take care of their Children’s online activities. For more information, you can Contact Us anytime and can get the required information.

We Collect your email Address for:

We love our readers, and we take enough care to provide them the best of experience of exploring our website, the articles, the lists of products and other contents. For that, we ask you to sign up for our newsletters. We collect your email Address for the following things.

How our Advertising Partners Collect your information?

We run different types of advertisements from our third-party partners. They may use cookies and other data collection technologies such as JavaScript, web Beacons, etc. The links and other ads will send a direct link to your web browser which collects your IP Address. We don’t have any control over these types of cookies, and we can’t prevent them from collecting your personal information. Make sure to click on to the appropriate links only listed on our website.

Contact Forms

Contact Forms on our website help our readers to reach out to us. By entering your information such as name, email address, you will be able to send us an email which helps us respond to your queries and questions.


While exploring our website, you are hereby consenting to our Privacy and Policy and its related terms and conditions.

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